Creating a Branding Guide and Logo Elements

Creating a Branding Guide

This is the latest logo/branding package I completed. I thought I’d walk through my progress when Creating a Branding Guide. This is a basic brand package, there are many more items you can include, especially when getting more specific to the use (example: website, packaging etc).

First step would be figuring out the main logo. I do this buy asking a lot of questions about the brand, the mission of the brand and it’s goal. I ask for examples of brands/logos/images that the client really loves and why they love it as well as examples of what they don’t like. I ask about their competition, where the logo will be used, who their target market is. I also try and personify their brand, it were a person – how would that person be described.  Once I feel like I understand my client’s thoughts and feel confident that I can create something that would align with their requirements and vision, I start researching. I research everything – inspiration, more competition, anything I can find on their company, basically anything that will spark some ideas.

Once I’ve researched, I then sketch out some examples. I may do this with a pencil and paper or using photoshop to create a loose version of what’s in my mind. I try and create at least 3 variations but not more than 5. Even 5 variations may be too many for the client, but sometimes if I have strong additional versions I will add them. Once I’ve discussed my ideas with the client, we narrow it down to one they like the best or a version that uses an element from one example and elements from another example. At this point I finalize the sketch, this may require a couple more versions of the chosen logo. Depending on the budget I may iterate this final version a few times. Usually, it takes 2-3 more versions.



Now that the logo is complete and the client is happy to move forward, I start thinking about the icon that will represent the logo. You need an icon. An icon is necessary because you need something that stands out in a smaller context (like social media). It’s also great for things like your website favicon, profile avatars etc. I try and create something that will fit in a square so it works in the contexts I mentioned earlier. I’ll create a few versions of these, just like I did for the logo. This usually doesn’t take as long as the logo but is still as important.

Creating a Branding Guide

After I have a logo and an icon, I’ll start putting these items in context so we can see the full picture. I’ll create a mood board with color palettes, mockups, font ideas, etc. I may create a few mood boards, then discuss them with the client and narrow down on the right feel. From here I’ll choose 2-3 fonts, a heading font, body font and maybe a display font. I’ll also choose a color palette with 3 main colours, their supplement colours and then some neutrals.

I hope that gives you an idea of my branding process, it’s a quick overview but definitely a great place to start!

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