Custom Screen Printed Napkins

screen printed napkins

Every once in a while I get custom requests from etsy customers for items that aren’t even in my shop. I love when I get these because it’s a lot of fun trying to figure out how to create a product based on someone’s specific needs. I was recently asked to create custom linen napkins with a unique quote on each napkin. I have a screen printing set up at home and have a few items in my shop that are screen printed so that’s why she requested these specifically. I decided to purchase linen fabric and sew them myself, this would keep costs down and I wouldn’t have to worry too much about perfect measurements when printing, I could deal with that after the fact when I cut out the pieces.

She requested 8 napkins, each with it’s own unique quote that reminded her of her and her husband for an anniversary gift (so thoughtful!). Since there were 8 in total that I had to sew and screen print I thought it would save me a lot of time and her some money to use a computer generated font. I didn’t hand letter these, which made sense because of the time and money reason but also because it was a few lines of text, so for readability and printing purposes it requires a clean unified typeface.

Check them out!

screen printed napkins

screen printed napkins

I did hand letter her hang tag though 🙂


Hand lettering for the day, a tag for a custom screen print order that I have to do this week. #brushlettering #handlettering #lettering #script #type #typography #brushscript #calligraphy #design #art #vsco #typoholic

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