Daily Doodles: NYC Bound With Parallel Pen

I’m headed to NYC to visit my sister who is studying to be a doctor. Some of the best times to practice lettering is waiting in airports. So much free time without any distractions! Just throw on your headphones and before you know it, it’s time to board.

nyc calligraphy

I used my new Parallel Pen for this, it’s by far my favourite tool to write with. Even though it has an ink cartridge that attaches to the back like the more traditional calligraphy pens, it’s not the same at all. I find the ink flows out more smoothly, the shape of the pen feels nice and the widths get nice and wide. You can also use another parallel pen with a different ink color, touch the tips together and get an ombre effect with the ink when you write.

nyc calligraphy

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