DIY Branded Packaging for Small Businesses

As an Etsy shop owner I’ve tried many different ways to package my products over the years. No matter what ideas I’ve had, I always try to keep it budget friendly and earth friendly. I want to keep the price of my products as low as possible which means keeping packaging costs as low as possible. I also don’t want my customer to end up with a bunch of useless crap they’re just going to throw in the trash.

Last year I posted a youtube video showing different ways up up-cycling objects you can find around the house and use as packaging. This is great for small businesses that are just starting out. It may not be scalable for bigger more established businesses though which is where my newest video comes in. I found a few ways to add your branding to packaging and give it a ‘designer’ luxury feel.

These are my 5 DIY’s for branded packaging ideas:

Rectangular sticker seal for boxes

This is pretty simple. I used a full sheet label from Neato Labels and printed a pattern as the background that I found off of Creative Market and then added my logo to the bottom half of the rectangular shape. I used a paper cutter to cut the strips out and that’s it!

‘Add to Cart’ sticker for tissue paper

I illustrated this sticker in procreate and then print and cut it using my Cricut Air. You can grab this image from my etsy shop and create it using your own cricut or upload it to a website and get the stickers made for you.

Logo stamped cotton ribbon

Ribbon can be used for so many different things. In the video I used it to wrap around a kraft watch box but you could use it to wrap up tissue paper or the handles on a gift bag! It’s really easy and inexpensive to stamp your logo or an image right on the cotton tape, you can even change the colours by using different ink pad shades. You can purchase the stamp and cotton tape kit here.

Custom logo wax seal

I kept the stamped tape together using a wax seal. I also used it to add to a kraft gift tag as a thank you note. You can find wax seals on amazon that already have letters or illustrations on them or you can get one custom made with your logo.

Thank you notes

Lastly, throwing in a hand written thank you note can really make you stand apart from large online sites. I purposely made the front side of my post card look like an art piece so it would encourage the customer to keep it and put it on their fridge or wall rather than throw it away. I also throw in a freebie sticker if I have some.

I got the printed note cards from No issue co.

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