Elegant Wedding Invitation Suite

Elegant Wedding Invitation Suite


I love Stationery. I’ve tried my hand at designing greeting cards before but I’m not great with words so I find an Elegant Wedding Invitation Suite is a little easier because the messages are usually the same. The most important thing about Wedding Invitations is their aesthetic and getting out information in an easy to digest manner.


Elegant Wedding Invitation Suite


The style for these invites was flirty and elegant.  It’s still young and fun with the ribbons and modern fonts but also very beautiful because of the cursive type and oversized flowers.


Elegant Wedding Invitation SuiteElegant Wedding Invitation Suite










Another great thing about this suite is how customizable it is, the colors are easily interchangeable as well as all of the copy.


The other great thing about these, if you are on a tight budget and have no problem taking on a DIY, you can purchase downloadable invitations from my etsy shop. With downloadable prints you can print them at home and save money or bring them to your local printer for a professional job.

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