How To Get Started In Calligraphy

If you are just starting out in the world of lettering and calligraphy but don’t really know where to begin – don’t worry, I got you! I have been creating lettering tutorials and practice guides for 5+ years now but they were all spread out on different platforms.. until now! Now, I have a place where you can see all of my tutorials and navigate them much easier than you ever could before. You can search everything I’m saying in these videos to find the information you want. All the videos have transcripts as well and can be viewed and heard in many different languages. You can also send your questions and messages directly to me while watching my videos!

This will be the only place you can download my guides now. I used to sell all my lettering practice sheets on etsy but I’ve moved them exclusively over to this site. You will also get access to my ruling pen class than is currently only available on Skillshare.

I’ve organized all my tutorials by topic and then by Guide. I have three guides; ‘Beginner Calligraphy’, ‘Surface Lettering’ and ‘Ruling Pen Calligraphy’. You can purchase each guide separately or all together in my Lettering Bundle.

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