• Constance Hildebrand says:

    I would like to learn simple brush lettering. I ran out and bought most of the things you recommended for a beginner (I am a retired elementary teacher, 71 years old, a card maker as a hobby/love.).

    But..I couldn’t download your practice sheets because I don’t own a computer–just an Apple iPad, which wouldn’t let me download the sheets. Could you recommend sheets I could buy? I live in SC.

    What do you recommend I use for practice/tracing sheets?

    Thank you so much. PS: Your wedding rings are beautiful…CONGRATULATIONS!

    • sarah types says:

      Hi Constance, I’m going to send you an email with some info 🙂 For practice sheets I use either high quality printer paper (cheaper stuff will wear your markers down, you need a smooth surface) or some high quality tracing paper. If you want to get some nice paper I suggest the rhodia note pads or Canson marker paper.

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