I started a line of fun, feminine hand lettered statement decks using the hashtag #lettermyboard. I’ve always been really into the surf/skate culture but never had the guts to ride a board myself. I recently got a blank longboard for Christmas, I lettered that in this post and had to do more! I bought a couple blank decks from a local supplier and created two super femme designs that aren’t overly cheesy. I designed boards that I would love to own myself and feel proud riding around with.

I asked my husband if he could be my insta-photographer so I could grab a few photos that show me with the decks because apparently photos are a little more interesting when they include humans.

I used a stencil I cut with my Cricut for the flamingos and spray painted over them with a beautiful pink colour. I live in a condo downtown so finding a spot to spray paint made me nervous, luckily I found an alley and made sure to get in and out quick. Once the spray paint dried I sketched out my letters and painted over them with One Shot paint.

I did the same treatment with the second board but I used masking tape to block out the designs. After everything dried, I covered the decks with a few coats of polyurethane to make sure they are a little more durable for riding. You can check out my personal longboard design here, hopefully I’ll be doing more longboard designs soon!

I hope you enjoyed my little photo shoot! I will update this page with new designs as they come. You can check out all the designs on Instagram with the hashtag #lettermyboard. If you want a custom deck, feel free to email me or feel free to purchase one of my pre-made designs on etsy!


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