New Hand Lettered Laser Cut Accessories

I’m working on expanding my etsy shop to include some bad-ass laser cut designs. I’m focusing in on necklaces, possibly other jewelry and keychains! My first piece is this black acrylic ‘Boss Babe’ necklace with a silver chain. It’s a short chain that fits right in the collar area of a dress shirt so it just peaks out all sneaky like. I have it made in white and mirrored gold as well but I’m still working on my chain combos for those so keep your eyes peeled!

I’m also working on some awesome new packaging for the products using my new Cricut! You can grab the Boss Babe necklace on etsy for $20 CDN. If you grab one, take a pic and tag my on instagram! I’d love to see it!

I also created these super cute ‘Tomboy’ surfboard keychains. This example is cut from birchwood but I’ll also be making some acrylic ones very soon. I’ve attached a cute little faux leather tassel to make it a little more sassy.  You can add these to your house keys or to your favourite tote bag! These are $12.50 CDN each on etsy.

I’m really excited to widen my product range, if there’s something you’re looking for or think would be a great idea, I’d love to hear it!

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  • Andrea Orellana says:

    So pretty! I’m looking for a machine to create something like this so I can wear my Grandmother’s writing

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