Easter DIY Crafts: Pink and Gold Marbled Easter Eggs

Pink and Gold Marbled Easter Eggs DIY

These eggs are so easy to make, they take minutes and it looks like a work of art! Make a bunch, put them in a bowl and everyone will be super impressed. You only need 4 supplies: eggs, water, nail polish, a paint brush and gold paint (optional).

Pink and Gold Marbled Easter Eggs DIY

Step One:

Make your hard boiled eggs. This isn’t a cooking blog so let’s leave this to the pro’s, Martha Stewart: Best Hard Boiled Eggs. Once you’ve cooked them, let them cool down completely.

Step Two:

Fill a container (that you don’t mind getting mucked up with nail polish) with luke warm water, I think if the water is too cold, the nail polish sinks to the bottom.

Step Three:

Take you nail polish and drop the polish from the container straight into the water. Let it expand, add more colours and move it around to get the marble effect you want.

Step Four:

Dip the eggs into the water until they are fully submerged. Gently take them out and place them aside on a paper towel or in an egg container.

Step Five:

Take your paint brush, dip it into some gold ink and use your fingers to flick the bristles towards the egg. This will create a splatter of paint onto the eggs. Get creative and get messy!

Pink and Gold Marbled Easter Eggs DIY

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