Up-Cycled Vintage Items With Hand Lettering

To finish off 2018 I created a collection of thrifted items that I added a little special touch to. I chose a few clothing items and accessories and either embroidered, hand painted or screen printed.

I love offering digital products from my etsy shop but I also want to create something with my hands and send it out into the world to be enjoyed. I decided to purchased used or vintage items because that also lines up with how I feel about sustainability and being environmentally friendly.

I bought a few things at local thrift shops and the rest online from places like ThredUp and Asos Marketplace.

To start I hand painted a makeup bag and a beautiful leather wallet.

The wallet took a really long time. I did both of these with white Angelus leather paint and a size 0 brush. I also finished them with the Angelus Matte Leather Finisher. Before I painted I sketched out the lettering using a white fabric pencil that will easily wipe away when I’m done.

My next item is my favourite for sure. It’s a military style jacket with ‘Ramblin Woman’ screen printed on the back. I got my screen printer from Bobbin Hood. I used the opaque white speedball ink to make sure it went on well over the darker pattern. I also used my cricut to cut the image out of the waterproof paper that came with my bobbin hood screen.

If you’d like to see the process of how I created this jacket and the rest you can check out my youtube video.

I also screen printed a super soft long sleeve tee I got locally. I didn’t know what to add to this shirt but I wanted it to be simple. I decided on a ‘zombie’ pizza slice and I love it.

Lastly is the embroidered shirt, it’s my first so the embroidery isn’t perfect but it’s pretty good. It’s a shirt for all my anti-social friends.

If you want to grab any of these or check out future thrifted items, you can see them in my etsy shop!

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