Vector His and Her’s Sugar Skull Stamp



As much as I love lettering, I’m not a great illustrator unfortunately. I made this skull by finding an image of a skull on line and then tracing over it with the pen tool in illustrator and changed/added things here and there to make it more my style. I am really happy with how it turned out and created a listing for a stamp version on my etsy store. I may use it for other things in the future.. not sure yet.



After I created the vector image I wanted to hand letter the ‘Mr & Mrs’ inside the skull. I figured I would just print out the image and then draw over top however my printer didn’t want to work :(. I thought I could bring up the image with my ipad, place a sheet of paper on top and gently trace the outline of the image with a soft pencil. This didn’t work either, even though there is paper in between the iPad screen and your skin it still ‘feels’ your hand so the image moves around everywhere. To fix this I downloaded a free app called Ad Scamp that locks the screen and adjusts the brightness to make it even easier to see the image. I have a light box at home and use this 90% of the time because I don’t want to ruin my iPad screen but in a pinch the iPad worked great (a screen protector is recommended).


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