Welcome To The New Sarah Types!



Hello! I’m Sarah, a UI designer by day, a hand letterer and etsy shop owner by night. I’m based in Toronto but secretly (or not-so-secretly) wish I were based in Amsterdam. I love being creative, I’m addicted to hobbies and workshops. If there’s a soap making class or vegan chocolate making course happening near by, I’m in!

I’ve always been interested in Calligraphy, I had multiple kits as a kid but only started really getting into it in 2014. The kits I used as a youngin’ came with those pens you screw open and attach the plastic cartridge, as a kid these were sort of limiting. Now that I’ve discovered so many styles of lettering, the options are endless! My favourite style is Fraktur or Black Letter. I love that old gothic look and especially when it’s blended with modern street art (‘Calligraffiti‘). I hope to grow as an artist and one day be as comfortable and awesome with my brush as my favourite calligraffiti artists are.

This used to be a blog on my portfolio site (sarahtrafford.com) but it didn’t feel right there so I thought I’d move it over to ‘sarahtypes.com’. I hope this blog provides a little look into what goes on in my etsy store as well as some tips for anyone interested in design and lettering.

Feel free to follow my daily drawings on instagram. Or send me and email!